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Acoustic Guitars

  • Maton EBG808TE, my main live guitar for acoustic gigs.
  • Alhambra Steelstring, midclass guitar with a very nice sound. For some pieces a cutaway is very handy.
  • Bozo 12 string (Model B80-12S), allthough I'm not a 12-string specialist I love the sound of this guitar. Quite special indeed!
  • Bernabe study guitar (classical), for a couple of years I stopped playing electric guitar. This was the first decent acoustic I bought, and a result only played classical for a good year till I got the Alhambra.
  • Washburn (DC10?) My second steelstring, beyond playable in normal tuning, and now setup for Nashville Tuning. Allthough it definetly is a budget guitar, in this tuning it has a tremendous sound on recordings!

  • Electric guitars

    My current stage guitars are
    • Blade RH4, a superstrat
    • Epiphone Sheraton,I used to know a jazzguitarist who played one. Finally got myself one, and really like it.
    • London City comet, this is basically a tele model that someone gave a very ugly paintjob. I got it cheap, and it looks great on pictures ;)


    • AER Compact 60 for acoustic playing
    • Sessionnette 75 electic guitars
    • Fender Hotrod deluxe 1*12"

    for acoustic gigs I carry a flightcase with a Korg Racktuner, and a Lexicon MXP550 reverb unit. I may use a digitech jamman, none of the loops you hear onstage are pre-recorded though (unless I make a mistake, in which case I'll panic ;) ) Everything is looped live.

    For electric playing I use an effects case which among others sports a Boss DD7 which I love. The backwards guitar that can be heard on Bad Soul (Somewhere down the road MariŽlla Tirotto & the Blues Federation) was actually recorded live, rather than reversing the tape (yes, that album was recorded on old fashioned tape :) )


    • Jim Dunlop Heavy Thumbpicks
    • Different Flatpicks by Michel Wegen, Amongst which the Fatone for a fat single string sound, and Mandolin picks for the rest, these are great for hybrid picking.