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Harald Koll started playing at age 15. Early on he started developing both the acoustic and the electric side of his playing. He feels at home in a wide variety of styles. Today Harald performs both as a solo-guitarist, on 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, as with the dutch bluesband Mariëlla Tirotto & the Blues Federation, where he plays electrical guitar and bass. Besides performing in Holland and Europe, he gives guitar demos and workshops, teaches, and produced a large collection of transcriptions.

His first solo-cd, titled "Now" is is released early 2007. It features original compositions, and an arrangement of "The Water is Wide". All are performed solo on acoustic guitar. A book with ‘Note for Note’ transcriptions of all music on the CD, including standard notation, tab, performance notes and fingerings is available as well. The CD has received enthousiastic responses, both from the audience as from the critics.

November 2008 showed the release of ‘Somehwere down the road” The debut CD of Mariëlla Tirotto & the Blues Federation. In this band Harald plays electric guitars This CD has received enthousiastic responses as well, both from the audience as from the critics.

Upcoming Releases

A follow up CD to Now is scheduled for 2009/2010 , and will feature acoustic 12 string guitar next to the 6 string.

Next to that Harald will contribute 3 pieces to an instruction DVD with christmas music for fingerstyle guitar, that will be released by Peghead Productions. This DVD will feature arrangements and instruction by dutch guitarists Harald Koll ,Hans Laduc and Eltjo Haselhoff.

What others say

"Harald Koll's guitar techniques are superb and he has the ability to create captivating melodic pieces with a haunting character. With "Now" Harald Koll released a first-rate CD which will attract any guitar enthusiast."
Henk te Veldhuis
Bridge Guitar Reviews © 2007

"Harald Koll from the Netherlands is one of many solo guitarists exploring the range of the tonal palette of the steel string guitar through altered tunings. He has a nice sense of direction in his songs, allowing the melody to flow. While his music doesn't have much flash, it has soul -- you can tell he truly owns the tunes he plays."
© Kirk Albrecht Minor 7th 2008

”Der Mann hat ein reichhaltiges Vokabular in den Fingern und weiß damit auf schönste Weise zu überzeugen”
Akustik Gitarre Januari 2009

“Jeder einzelne ein Virtuose und jeder davon ein Grund, zu einem Konzert zu gehen!”

“Die Zuhörer waren begeistert und überschütteten die Interpreten nach jedem Musikstück mit lang anhaltendem Applaus.”

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